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If yours is a business with different departments, at one stage you begin to understand that as a way to remain competitive, increase productivity and provide efficiency to your business, you have to optimize and automate a few of your business processes. To determine which elements of your business activities must be optimized, first you have to have a transparent comprehension of the processes included in your special business.

What’s a Business Process?

A business process is a sequence of specified, measured jobs performed by individuals and systems and made to reach a predetermined outcome. The processes have these significant features:

  • The processes have internal and external users.
  • They occur across or between organization’s departments or distinct organizations.
  • They may be based on how work is completed in the organization.

The enterprise processes have three crucial elements -Entity, Item, and Undertaking.

Things: Where the process occurs.
Objects: The processes are results of handling things. Objects may be actual or informational.
Endeavors: Works completed to handle the things.
The followings are examples of enterprise processes:

  • Mortgage application processing
  • Credit verification
  • Product development
  • Journey preparation
  • Starting a fresh account
  • Answering to a Request for Quotation
  • Sending a product

Businesses are working to improve their business processes utilizing computer technologies because the computer technology has appeared beginning ever. Initial accentuate was given to enterprise resource planning. Main places where automation was embraced were procurement, accounting,manufacturing and logistics. The next measure was revenue and marketing-automation. Next arrived customer connection management and supplier relationship administration. Last number of years we are finding implementation of Business Process Management across the board. Organizations are adopting BPM in the places where it might make real differences. Some of these processes include several departments of the company and a few are outcome of real-time interaction of the firm with its suppliers, customers and other business partners.

Interest in BPM is developing really rapidly, as demonstrated by a report from Forrester Research, one-third of businesses surveyed by the company are using or piloting BPM, a dramatic increase in contrast to mid-2002, when merely 11% were trying BPM.

BPM automates and streamlines the enterprise processes which are crucial for the corporation in order to improve productivity. From hiring an individual to processing a purchase order, BPM aids restructuring, controlling and handling workflows affecting systems and people to finish a process better.

Firms must concentrate on the outcome of the design and procedure workflows based on the anticipated consequence from the process, to use BPM efficiently. There should not be any distinction between a task done by computer systems or people. BPM must be able to plan the interaction among the things, things and jobs and bring the min-line with the process workflow. Company rules employed in the method also should be definitely explained. While attempting to automate a business process you will need to remember that finding a process that needs to be streamlined is not so difficult! Issue happens when you try and define which things are involved and the way the evolved process will distribute the preceding parts among the new jobs owners.

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